Thursday, March 09, 2006

The unwanted subway extension

The Provincial Liberals want to build a new subway extension, coincidentally pushing into York Region where they recently claimed seats from the Tories.

Rick Ducharme, General Manager of the TTC doesn't want it right now.
Transit advocates like Steve Munro don't want it.
Scarberians are wondering how they got left behind when the SRT's days are numbered (another fiasco mandated by the Province btw) and the Sheppard line isn't long enough to be of help to them or anyone else.

But the government of Ontario is apparently flush with cash and wants to spend it so they can "announce" the elimination of the deficit in 2007. Greg Sorbara, a big supporter of the project while Ontario Finance Minister before resigning in the face of an RCMP probe of his business dealings, is alleged to have leaked the Province's intention to commit funding to the Mayor of Vaughan - he denies this.

Here's what I wonder about though: these capital programmes are usually tripartite - City, Province and Feds throwing in a third each. What if Harper and Flaherty say - sorry guys, we're cutting the GST this week?
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