Sunday, March 05, 2006

The O'Connell Street theme park

Mark Durkan, always desperate to have the SDLP mentioned in a vain attempt to slow the Sinn Fein juggernaut, pops up in this RTE story. He suggest a forum as an alternative to marching, however there are several problems with this. Let's start with the trivial one: marching is better for your health than sitting down listening to barristerial flatulence - although the injuries to security forces and the raised blood pressure of residents does counteract this.

That said, if he had said "tribunal" rather than "march" I doubt many could disagree. The slightest thing, either in Ireland and Canada and people (and their learned friends) are demanding tribunals. Whether it be the current Ipperwash tribunal here in Ontario or the various planning inquiries in Ireland, people want their cake and eat it, demanding tribunals to "get to the truth" but raging when the results of such tribunals by their nature rarely are usable in criminal trials.
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