Friday, March 24, 2006

Harper should bring Abdul Rahman to Canada

A Toronto taxi driver was killed by street racers, and some people felt his family should be brought to Canada. I suppose that would be nice for them but this is a city of immigrants and I have no doubt that illegals killed on building sites leave desperate family situations back in the homes they left too, but they can't be used to berate the morals of the yoof of today and their video games.

Speaking of illegal brickies, they're looking for an amnesty when the developers who exploited them cry that the city can't survive without them (strange how that doesn't seem to be the way it works in Fort McMurray, Newfound... er... Alberta where they seem to be able to fill the jobs with Canadian residents.)

An Afghan man runs a Canadian checkpoint in Kandahar and is shot - his widow wants 30 grand in US dollars (amazing how the lucre of the great Satan is acceptable everywhere) and maybe Canadian residency too.

The Peacemaker hostages are rescued and they and their mates can't bring themselves to thank the armed forces personnel who made it happen. Their supporters claim they didn't want rescuing anyway.

Meanwhile a guy renounces Islam and is sentenced to death in a country Canadians are giving their lives to stabilise and we're not going to send in JTF2 to bust him out and bring him here where he will enjoy something more fundamental than cash in hand wages or blood money or moral outrage at the Bush agenda - life itself. For Karzai to fail to act on assuring no death sentence for Rahman and to work to eliminate religious offences from civil law will surely do huge damage to the much needed help from Western countries for any kind of long term hope for that country which has suffered so much. Sadly if the likes of Saudi is any guide people like Rahman will simply be diplomatic collateral damage, and after his execution the government of Canada will send a strongly worded letter... and nothing will change.
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