Saturday, March 11, 2006

The $28,700 coffee cup

Emma posted recently on the fight between two Montreal families over an empty Tim Hortons cup. The cup was thrown away and a girl picked it out of the rubbish in her primary school and couldn't roll the rim up. She asked her older friend to help and lo and behold the prize hidden under the rim was not the usual free doughnut or free coffee but a Toyota RAV4.

According to Mitsou Gelinas who interviewed them (Windows Media) the families were happy to divide the prize and go to Disneyland but when the claim form only had space for one prizewinner they decided to think about it overnight. The father of one then decided he didn't want to share and the mother of the other emailed Mitsou, since obviously the best way to resolve these types of disputes is to involve a talk show host, right? She did have one insightful point - it will end up in court and the lawyers will get the car!

Now apparently a guy who claims he threw it away has retained a lawyer (Real Player) - surprisingly, not publicity hound Tim Danson but his local Quebecois equivalent - who has demanded a DNA test. Quebec has some unusual competition laws (which is why a lot of North American competitions are "not valid in Quebec").

The cup may also be the property of the municipality also - certainly Toronto is claiming to lose millions from people who take "city property" (recyclables) from blue boxes and sell it to recycling companies.

Obviously all the kids in the school are getting a lesson in what it really means to share for adults having been told by their parents all along that sharing is what you do. Hopefully Tim Horton's will also stop offering gas guzzling SUVs sometime soon too - especially now the Prius is the ride of choice to Hollywood ceremonies. They must surely be annoyed at losing all the press from the opening of their branch in Kandahar.
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