Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Missed World Book Day

Various bloggers have posted on World Book Day although it wasn't today until I noticed the Sicilian Notes post on the subject - obviously not paying attention since many others mentioned too!

Both Nicole and I are "bookish" and some painful decisions had to be made when I moved to Canada - and even after that a good two or three shelves of books remain back home to be transported in the luggage of various family members when space permits. Some tastes we share (J.K Rowling, Roddy Doyle, John B. Keane) some we don't (she reads Frank McCourt, I read P.J. O'Rourke). We started our relationship buying each other books - she bought Scott Russell's Ice Time for me, I bought Aaron Sorkin's West Wing Script Book for her. We had a lot of time apart to read them in the beginning.

Like Fiona I expect eventually I'll end up owning a library with attached living quarters.

Vibes and Scribes just north of Patrick's Bridge in Cork was a frequent stop for me in assembling my collection, not least because it lay between my apartment and the city centre. It also played a role in disassembling it, since that was where I sold many of them back to when thinning out my stock. I couldn't kid myself that after 10 years I was going to actually use my Industrial Chemistry books again and there was no second hand value so I donated them to the University of Limerick library while on a visit to my alma mater - even older books can be a help as I knew when I was an undergrad on a budget. I'm a sucker for knowing how it ends which is how I ended up with the entire Jack Aubrey saga by Patrick O'Brian - 18 books in all I think.

On my bedside at present is Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson. (I like his UK editions better just because the artwork is nicer than the North American ones :)

On deck for when I've finished it is Under a Sickle Moon about which I wrote recently and which reminded me that it's been a long time since I last read it.
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