Thursday, March 02, 2006

Browser wars

The registration of has been well covered in the blogosphere, highlighting the ongoing efforts by the Firefox community to keep their momentum in the fight to provide a true alternative to IE.

Of my latest 100 browser agents registered, 58 have been IE6, 37 have been Firefox/Netscape/Mozilla, 4 Safari and one unknown. No Opera but some Opera users report as IE to get around websites which reject non-approved browsers so it's possible there's some in there.

I've added buttons to get Firefox 1.5 and Thunderbird 1.5 to the sidebar - 21 of the 35 Firefox hits are from versions 1.0.7 or earlier. The automatic update feature in Firefox 1.5 makes it a worthwhile upgrade for home users and the 1.5 installer can also be modified for corporate/silent install needs.

I also note that Firefox 2.0 (due later this year) may have the "close tab" button on the active tab rather than off to the right which moves Firefox nearer my work mail client (Lotus Notes 6.5.5) in ease of tab management. At home I've been using Thunderbird since version 0.9 or so and am very happy with it, especially for spam filtering, but I don't really need it to do more than the basics and it means I don't have to fear Outlook Express flaws any more.
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