Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm calling the FBI!

The Register has an amusing tale from Oklahoma today, where a City Manager with "22 years in computer systems engineering and operation" can't figure out what an Apache start page is and why he might be looking at it. He (Jerry A. Taylor of the City of Tuttle) then emails the operating system vendor and threatens them with G-men.

I especially love his bureaucratic counting, "Second notice!" "Third correspondence to this location" especially when the quotes are taken from the third and fifth emails respectively. I also like the "safety vest fluorescent" colour scheme from the website he was so keen to resurrect. The problem was eventually traced to a crash and rebuild at the City's webhost.

Here's the full exchange of emails from CentOS' forum. One can only presume his "22 years" were counted as dog years or something.
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