Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Toronto City Council find some backbone!

Council has withdrawn its $400k grant to Caribana's current organisers, the Caribbean Cultural Committee, in favour of the Mas Band Association who organised it in 2002. If the Province and feds follow suit that will be another $500k. CCC own the rights to the name so it will have to be under a different title.

This is due to Caribana being warned to have an audit ready by end of February or there would be no city money. CCC had missed four deadlines by the end of February and the city has now pulled the plug, but magically an audit has appeared which may lead to a police investigation. As far back as 2001 the CCC had problems with their audits.

Councillor Joe Mihevc, liaison to Caribana for eight years, is now being called a racist. Plus ├ža change... The CCC are crying "over our dead bodies will someone else organise Caribana" - given the number of violent deaths in the Toronto Caribbean community you'd think they wouldn't remind us. This is the local version of "we're entitled to our entitlements" - now if we could only get MLSE's hands out of the city's pockets we'd be doing even better.
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