Sunday, March 19, 2006

Trainman Stair Snag

The title's an anagram for "anagrams in transit" which has been in the news lately. It's also a pretty good description of the frequently broken escalators in the Toronto system.

After a London Underground map was anagrammed, a similar map was done for Toronto and now one for Ottawa. All the transit authorities in question experienced sense-of-humour failures and released the legal hounds with their "cease and desist" notices.

The TTC says anagram maps could confuse visitors - this would be plausible if they didn't use puzzles as promotions in their vehicles last year. The slavish adherence to whatever their marketers of the moment are push them close them off from suggestions from the public, as happened with the Spacing buttons - 50,000 of which have been sold, the revenue from which could have gone in part to the TTC if they were willing to participate. TTC's lack of outreach to the public is the reason NIMBYs have any traction, like the St. Clair ROW lawsuit fiasco.
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