Thursday, March 09, 2006

Strange choice of slogan

Apparently the Fluorescent Orange Peril's Peter Tabuns is "standing up" for Toronto-Danforth. Only a few weeks ago the wicked Harperites were campaigning on that same slogan.

"Swiftboating" was not yet in the lexicon when Marilyn Churley associated Greenpeace founder and Liberal candidate Bob Hunter with paedophilia because of a book Hunter had written about child prostitution in South East Asia which he claimed was in the "gonzo journalist" tradition - if only James Frey had thought of that.

Now during the current by-election to replace Churley, while the NDP haven't stuck Ben Chin with anything similar yet, they do seem to be trying to get something (see also here) from Chin's less than clear bio. (Apparently the Tories care too - maybe they should worry more about the really small number of lawn signs in the riding - I've only seen one so far, at Donlands and O'Connor).

Chin had mentioned in separate bios being the son of Korean diplomats and a refugee from a dictator. Liberal blogger Jason Cherniak has decided to help us all understand - apparently when the diplomat parents were working for General Park, the road from bureaucrat to refugee is short indeed - as is probably being said on Parliament Hill these days.
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