Monday, May 08, 2006

What a load of bol-ognese.

I've been given an award. I almost missed it because I fell for the rumour that Rightwing Richard had followed Mental Fiona out of the blog o'sphere and removed him from my Bloglines. Now frankly as awards go it's not the one I'd have gone for. Given the choice I'd have taken Manuel Estimulo's "Benedict XVI Fake Pope Award" or Twenty Major's "Damien Rice Waste of Skin Prize" or The Bouncer's "Guido of the Week". Why not Far and Wide's "Stephen Harper Threat To The Human Race and Possibly The Galaxy Trophy" or Anonymous Lawyer's "Sacrificial Associate Honour Roll" (except he would probably spell Honour wrongly, being American).

It could have been worse though - given the name and the petty manner with which it was granted, at first glance I thought it was the Sicilian Notes Eddie Hobbs Prize.

In any case, it was wrong and lazy of me to assume that someone who would do the world's poor out of development aid to bring down their tax bands would be a member of the Freedom Institute. It turns out not all Irish Shrubonomics devotees are writing for Magoo! Who would have thought.
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