Wednesday, May 17, 2006


The Canadian mission to Afghanistan has been extended two more years, with the BQ/NDP opposed and the Liberals splitting enough (Graham and 29 others) to give Harper the needed votes.

In a way the Libs have handed a weapon to Harper with their extended leadership election, secure in the knowledge that the Tories will have to commit mass murder for the Libs to risk an election without a new leader so with every bump in the road comes a petulant "we're going to the polls if we don't get our way!"

If things keep going as they are and the Liberal candidates don't start whittling down soon, I'd say screw it and "go to the country" with Bill Graham the next time Harper needs a bailout.

The death of Captain Nichola Goodard is a tragedy for her family and her comrades, but I wish the media wouldn't keep harping on that she is the first female death in the CF mission to Afghanistan. What legitimate purpose is there in that distinction these days?
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