Thursday, May 04, 2006

So Cindy Sheehan's in town.

Once again it's that time of year when Torontonians prostrate ourselves in front of an nominally liberal American who's telling us what to do. Last year it was Robert Kennedy, now it's Cindy Sheehan telling us what our refugee policy should be. She blames Harper for the denials of status to Hinzman and others when most of those cases were heard under Martin's regime. It's really funny in a way to have Americans lecture Canadians on human rights and the environment.

Unlike the US where recruiters are under tremendous pressure to meet targets the Canadian Forces is ahead of their recruiting targets, hardly the sign of a military that has lost the trust of its citizens.

As I have noted before
, nobody forced these guys to join the army - it was a choice. That education in the US is inadequate at some economic levels without joining the army is a disgrace. That American soldiers are required to obey orders of dubious legality is a disgrace. But hiding out in Canada will change neither of these things. Other people will go to Leavenworth and elsewhere in time to make change happen, and when they come out I would welcome them to Canada as people of principle.

Some people of principle are already standing up - Maple Leaf Politics links to Rumsfeld being nailed by a CIA veteran as a liar.
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