Monday, May 08, 2006

Stopping the clock to finish the schooling

Two local illegal immigrants are seeking to remain in Canada to finish their school year. Some shades of a similar situation in Ireland, where a Nigerian denied refugee status and deported was returned from Nigeria following a hue and cry, where he promptly overstayed his visa and committed road traffic offences (not the first either). It is not a truly parallel case, as he came to Ireland without his parents and at an older age. He is now seeking to stay by virtue of fathering a child with a Irish citizen, judgement on which has been reserved at time of writing.

At least in this current case of the Costa Ricans, two local Liberal MPs are putting up bonds - this is the kind of case where putting money where your mouth is shows your belief in their intentions. I see Olivia Chow showed up at the detention centre but so far I haven't heard of any money being put up by her - it may not have been reported.

Meanwhile Stockwell Day was a bit mealymouthed about the other case where CBSA were essentially using kids as hostages - he should have been more blunt and said it was wrong to do it rather than go on about policies and how the Libs didn't have them. The best criticism of the justice structures comes from their usual defenders, in the same way the Left is usually toughest of all on unions.
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