Friday, May 19, 2006

If you love freedom, buy pizza

James Bow points me towards this Penn & Teller episode (on Google video) which describes the farce that is the World Trade Centre reconstruction, from the disastrous initial Libeskind design through to the hiding of the notes and photos family members left looking for their loved ones in an obscure back room. If you get the New York Times RSS feed it's no surprise that both the public interest and the families of the 9/11 victims are being shafted by Silverstein and the politicians but P&T tie it together very nicely. It's about half an hour long and the language is quite pungent in places so probably Not Suitable For Work.

In my view the show is compelling viewing, not least for their interview with the owner of Majestic Pizza on Cortlandt Street which is going broke because of the continual delays in bringing people back to the Trade Centre area. Penn and Teller may not be making a WTC out of Majestic's pizza as they suggest at one point, but I hope they at least left a big tip.
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