Monday, May 15, 2006

Run Royson run?

So the election campaign for Mayor of Toronto is under way and so far Pitfield has yet to dent Miller, since she has her own troubles (her base would prefer Dennis Mills) and has had an embarrassing fumble over the demolition of the Inn on the Park.

Rob Ford has (thankfully) shot himself in the foot and Julian Fantino has wisely decided to keep collecting Dalton McGuinty's paycheque and not bother moving into the City from Vaughan, which he never bothered doing while Police Chief. John Tory has moved on to the PCs since the last outing. To the horror of those like myself who liked his mayoral run and thought he might keep the Ontario Tories "progressive", he has allowed Harper to slobber all over him and that won't wipe off any time soon.

So who does that leave who will do more than Miller would in bringing reality to city contracts, accelerate the process of rationalising city bylaws and truly clean house? Someone other than Miller and Pitfield (and myself) who complexion-wise between the three of us could advertise for bleach? Step forward Royson James, Miller's most pointed critic outside City Hall (no competition within, they are all butter knives in the Council Chamber).

UPDATE: So it turns out that I completely misspelled Mr. James' name - and never noticed for thirteen months. The depressing part is nobody else seems to have either. Since the Star has been redesigned since that post, his new page at the Star is here.
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