Saturday, May 20, 2006

Downtown stadium in Vancouver

When checking out the Non-Partisan Canadian aggregator I've occasionally seen references to the new 15,000 seater soccer stadium in Vancouver for the Whitecaps, who play in a 5,700 seat stadium in Burnaby at present. One part of the plan is to build it over existing train tracks, which is interesting from an engineering standpoint.

While some in Vancouver are opposed to it as it seems to be linked to condo development, it seems far superior to the MLSE Toronto Exhibition Place publicly assisted one from a taxpayer point of view never mind a far more attractive land use than just train tracks. Think of the amount of linear park/walking/cycling track/playing field stretches that could be created in Toronto above the Lakeshore GO tracks just for starters. Here's some blog posts/web sites to get you started:
UPDATE: forgot to add a hat-tip to Crawl Across the Ocean from where I got some of the links above.
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