Thursday, May 04, 2006

Canada Border Services jails Parkinson's sufferer as "junkie"

Saw this via Saskboy. If this is how CBSA are acting now, can we hope for any better after Harper has given them their new marching orders?

Belfast Telegraph:
An Ulster man with Parkinson's disease last night spoke of his anger at being deported from Canada after an immigration official suspected him of being a junkie.

Father-of-six Trevor Hamilton (43), who lives in Omagh, was detained at Calgary Airport when an immigration official noticed his tremors, typical of the disease.

He was handcuffed and driven to a jail where he was strip searched, showered and held until he could be sent home the following day.

BBC News:
"I was marched down a hall, I had to strip completely, my own clothes taken off me," Mr Hamilton said.

"I was put under a cold shower - I mean cold now, ice cold.

"When I came out of the shower I was handed a towel and a blue overall and walked down to a cell.

"I was kept there until the following day."
I can only hope someone is going to be fired over this.
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