Monday, May 08, 2006

South Africa disappoints a little more every day

You can just imagine some of the far-right white nutbars plotting another Trek when the likes of this happens. The pathetic spectacle of Thabo Mbeki's ostrich-like approach to AIDS and his support of the maniac in Zimbabwe is now joined by Jacob Zuma's acquittal on rape charges.

Zuma's own testimony drew controversy. He testified that the woman's decision to wear a knee-length skirt and later a kanga, a traditional Africa wrap, showed she wanted to have sex with him.

Many were shocked when Zuma, the former head of the South African National AIDS Council, said there was little danger of him contracting HIV from having unprotected sex with the woman. He also said that taking a shower after sex reduced the risk of getting the virus.

The New York Times adds:
Seeking to cast himself as the model of a traditional Zulu man, Mr. Zuma said that he was, in fact, obliged to have sex with the woman because she so clearly wanted intercourse, and that to refuse would have been a violation of her own rights.
And the reaction of his peers?
"I just got off a plane," Professor Leclerc-Madlala said, "and at the Durban airport, people were singing and the street, in the shops," over Mr. Zuma's acquittal. "Porters in the airport; even the women cleaners. People love him."
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