Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Is Carolyn Bennett wearing a wry smile today?

If she isn't she should. After all the berating she's taken recently, arising from an unwieldly remark she made comparing Tory prison policy and childcare policy from what My Blahg calls "mommy bloggers", the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health says working mothers are healthier in the long run. I expected some kind of vengeance-laden scream from Choice for Childcare but I doubt she can see the screen yet from the steam coming out of her ears.

I honestly think that there is never more patronising sanctimonious crap spouted in the world as there is with the raising of children, whether it be what pregnant women eat or shouldn't, whether they deliver naturally, breastfeed, have day care etc. etc. etc. Why can't it just be okay to raise your kid the way you want without sticking your oar into what the next family's doing? Why does every government insist on favouring one way over the others, usually reversing whatever the last people did?
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