Thursday, February 09, 2006

TTC price hikes hit the poorest hardest?

The rapid rate of the TTC increases are being felt primarily at the cash fare end. While TTC types struggle to keep metropasses below $100, the cash fare is now $2.75 - and the poorest in society may have difficult affording $21 a time for 10 tokens and almost certainly have problems raising $99.75 once a month. More affluent riders can afford the Metropass discount plan and save that way. The way cash fares are being hiked you'd swear they were cigarettes or liquor...

At the same time it seems that fake tickets and tokens are costing TTC a packet. Time to switch to smart cards - soon! Although Ducharme seems sceptical, comparing it to credit card fraud - well where does that leave TTC's own metropass?

Royson James, who has been more and more sceptical of Hizzoner, much to the rage of the mayor's cronies in the Toronto media and blogosphere, points out that TTC commissioners who raged against necessary fare hikes under Lastman are quietly acquiescing under Miller.
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