Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bumbling along

This post used to say "Try ul rather than li - might be a bullet point?" which is a lesson to me not to post on comments and post to my blog simultaneously. And it's not like they look similar either... oh well!

Bit of a symptom of the weekend really - back to back losses for the Canadian men's hockey team against Switzerland (Tobler0wned?) and Finland, the dawning realisation that unlike a large chunk of "Dallas" I'm not going to suddenly be in a shower and realise that Steve Staunton as Irish soccer manager is all a dream and lastly the crushing defeat at Anfield - not the scale of the result but the significance of it for United's season, for the disaster that is United's playing staff and for Alan Smith's future. I missed it on telly and I'm glad I did because hearing about it was depressing enough. Nice to see that the workshy scouse plague left us with the moral high ground with their "serenade" of Smith though - at least they realised their mistake when he was stretchered off. (Last link requires registration)

Smith might have come to us from the hated Leeds, but so did Eric (who had his problems too - I remember some little problem with Lee Chapman... allegedly) and neither of them could be faulted in the commitment department which simply can't be said of a significant number of players. Surely even Sir Alex in his "double-Glazered" state can't let Solskjaer out the door now and Rossi must be given his head and several like Richardson who just aren't good enough given P45s. Of course, who cares about the fans? United could end up with no silverware but 2nd in the Premiership which means dollars for the Glazers.

Meanwhile in Torino, Canada's women have made off with all the goals and left the men with none. Sure the Finns played an excellent trap but they managed to find the back of the net twice due to Canadian puck-watching and standing around. They were unlucky with the Martin Gerber "save" that wasn't the previous day but that was one of those things. In any case Don Cherry says don't panic and since he is delighting in being fairly prophetic at these Games (especially given he's prophesying from six time zones away) I feel scared to doubt his admonition that these games mean nothing until the medal round gets started. Meanwhile the NHLPA are moaning about the World Cup. They should be soccer players with FIFA rules on international matches which happen a lot more frequently and see how bad they have it then.
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