Sunday, February 12, 2006

NDP expels Hargrove, Miller next? Fat chance.

The Ontario NDP have revoked Buzz Hargrove's party membership (hat tip Far and Wide again) which he has held for 41 years, an action which terminates his Federal membership. Funny that a week ago the rumour was about that Buzz's membership was in doubt but he claims to have not seen it coming.

NDP executive member and fellow CAW official Mike Shields noted that David Miller's NDP membership is questionable given his endorsement of Liberal candidate John Godfrey if Hargrove's actions deserved expulsion. Paul Martin mentioned Miller (and had the handgun ban photo-op) during the campaign which the NDP tried to explain away. Needless to say, NOW, helped by former employee and now Hizzoner's media flack Don Wanagas, got Miller's excuses in a row during the campaign.
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