Monday, February 06, 2006

Fortier and Emerson

Obviously these are the headlines of Stephen Harper's first Cabinet.

As has been pointed out elsewhere, Emerson was headhunted and parachuted by Martin in 2004 along with Dosanjh and Shirley Chan, over the fury of the local Liberal associations. This was plainly done with a promise of a ministry. He obviously had no desire to sit on the backbenches when he could be back coining it in in the private sector. This appointment gives Harper a local stickhandler for Vancouver 2010 which would hang around his neck like a gigantic millstone if the CPC were deemed to have contributed in any way to stuffing it up. One of course hopes nothing of the sort, but the recent $110m over-run (and we're still four years out!) gives no cause for optimism. We have yet to hear precisely who approached whom but either way I doubt it needed much persuading.

Fortier is a different proposition but again is an attempt at getting a bridgehead in Montreal. Good luck with that say I, can't believe how many folk reckon he has a chance in LaSalle-Emard if Martin retires. I think the first rumblings from Reform/Alliance are beginning to be heard as they begin to fear Harper has been assimilated by Mulroney.
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