Monday, February 27, 2006

Sam Sullivan spins Torino around

There were three standout moments in the somewhat tepid closing ceremony to the Torino Olympic Games (compared to say, Sydney) - the costumes on the former Olympians carrying out the Olympic flag - only in Italy, the guys being blown into the air by the giant fan - looked even crazier than skeleton racing and finally the acceptance of the Olympic flag by Mayor of Vancouver Sam Sullivan.

Sullivan became quadruplegic at 19 after a skiing accident. He had a socket built into his wheelchair so he could wave the (huge) Olympic flag as is traditional - apparently he practiced in deserted parking lots at night. (I still think a Canadarm would have been cool though). Boy did he ever wave it and the crowd went nuts. The Politic has some media reaction.

The Governor-General (hot, as always) seemed to be enjoying herself immensely - was sceptical at first but she certainly beats her predecessor for public appeal (and looks and dress sense). I wonder if VANOC will be worried about Bryant Gumbel's comments on the Winter Games - they should start by having the GG around a lot if some other CBCer hasn't taken the job by then. I hope I'm there to find out in person - although that's the kind of thing you always promise yourself when watching the Olympics.

As for the rest of it - hated the even more stupid than usual Franglish mismash of O Canada (albeit superbly vocalised by Ben Heppner) and wondered how long it will take Avril Lavigne to disappear now that she's decided she wants to be just another blonde tartlet.
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