Thursday, February 09, 2006

Isn't it okay to be bald in sports?

Apparently Jose Theodore of the Canadiens has tested positive for propecia, a masking agent, and the story is it's because of hair loss products. (If he is taking drugs it doesn't seem to be helping him much). Apparently it's doctor prescribed so that's okay then. Funny that his doctor doesn't have a copy of the banned list when my brother used to carry a card with the IRFU banned list when he played junior rugby in Dublin.

US skeletoner Zach Lund also seems to have hair problems. This seems to be quickly replacing cold medicine as one of those "whoops, you mean it has drugs in it" scenarios we see every Olympics.

Come on Jose - embrace the Messier look. Didn't hurt him did it? Because it's not as if you'd ever take drugs, obviously.
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