Monday, February 27, 2006

Keep Howard's trainsets running, buy a condo

Transit Toronto picked up the Star's piece on Howard Moscoe, the TTC Chairman's plan to force condo developers near subway stations to purchase metropasses for their residents.

Now, some condo developers do offer one year of metropasses as a sales incentive. However, the ongoing budget crunch has seen some pretty dubious tactics from city council where the existing development levies are being supplemented by extra squeeze - money for a park here or a public square refurbishment there - which of course the local councillor can take credit for. The TT article asserts that condos don't pay development levies as it stands - but they do, and are supposed to pay for city infrastructure including transit.

One would think the saving grace of this is that the money raised will help out the TTC because it's going direct to them - instead it will just allow the city to cut its direct subvention to the TTC while adding more riders to the hard-pressed system and cause resentment at being getting a stick rather than a carrot (like tax relief on metropasses).
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