Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Leaving the sordid Bertuzzi-Moore-Danson triangle behind for something far more positive.

During the Winter Olympic women's cross country team pursuit, Canadian Sara Renner's ski pole snapped. Nearby Norwegian official Bjornar Hakensmoen gave Renner one of his poles. The Canadians stormed back for a second place finish 0.6 seconds behind, while the Norwegians finished fourth. Despite the Norwegian claiming that he had only done what all the officials had agreed to do beforehand, and the Norwegian Ambassador to Canada (having received goodies at the embassy from various thankful Canadians) passing it off as only the natural reaction, the fact is that many would have not acted quite as quickly. Indeed some Norwegians muttered about how much help a Swede would have been to a similarly afflicted Norwegian.

All the same, in an all too cynical world, I raise my imaginary hat to Mr Bjornar Hakensmoen. Well done, sir.
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