Monday, April 24, 2006

Yes, we really care about our waterfront.

This is what annoys me, all the yipping about the Portlands power station and the Island Airport and then the likes of this can be let happen - or at least we can only hope that now the cat is out of the bag it can be stopped.

If the owner of the Palais Royale was willing to pay $120k upfront and $25k per annum for the use of the car park, and more to shuttle people to free car parks nearby, then surely the majority of that sum should be been paid to TTC to operate a service along there. Councillor Sylvia Watson's "clarification" doesn't use the word transit once.

This is not surprising when the Gardiner and rail corridors cut off Lakeshore from the streetcar line and people try to organise private buses because TTC service is so dire. The nearest bus service (route 80 to Keele subway) has no Sunday service which I imagine would be a peak period of activity and unless a sub-service came eastward from Parkside Drive, the walk would be prohibitive for those of limited mobility.

According to Spacing's graphic a city official has claimed there's no money. Well, after Royson James' eyeopener about fences being built around city police stations, I know where the city can find an extra in $400k in 2007 and $500k in 2008 (I expect it's too late to save the allocation for 2006 at this stage).

The ward consultation was tonight but if you want to e-mail the councillor, here's the address.
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