Friday, April 28, 2006

Next NHL season - Nuestro Star Spangled Banner?

Watched the Montreal-Carolina playoff game at the Bell Centre tonight, begun with an excellent rendition of O, Canada in French and English (and a fine American anthem too).

However, any amusement Americans get from the Franglish anthem when Ottawa and Montreal are in town will no doubt be tempered by this development: Nuestro Himno, the American anthem translated (with some changes) into Spanish.

The Decider feels (naturally) that the anthem should be sung in English only. Lou Dobbs probably had to go lie down in a dark room with soothing music when he heard about this. The Red Staters are raging.

Having listened to it, it's a bunch of overwrought mush - a melting pot if you like :)

Lyrics via the Chicago Tribune and
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