Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Liberal bloggers need priorities too

Yes, with all the crap hitting the fan right now we should worry that the Government of Canada home page has some blue in it. Maybe the Liberal Party should give up red and white to take partisanship away from the national colours? No? Didn't think so.

You see, you start wondering if the Liberals have had enough of a time-out and then they remind you why they were kicked out. This is why Harper will get away with his schemes - Layton can be bought and the Liberals are fighting the wrong battles. Meanwhile the Bloc supported Harper's stance on the flag...

Forgive me for coming over all Don Cherry (what'd I tell you eh?), but I predicted Rick Mercer would give Harper a kick after cancelling his ads. Here he is on the flag issue. (Hat tip Saskboy)

Here's my second Cherry moment: according to CTV, Stockwell Day is considering 10 year passports. I'm surprised that with all of the dread of Stock being made Foreign Minister that he has kept his head down and made few waves while Peter McKay has been awful in his first few months.
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