Friday, April 14, 2006

Xcaret Park

Some photos from Xcaret Ecopark attached to our resort. As Good Friday is a local holiday as it is in Canada a lot of the local people were in and it got quite busy from about 11am on. Given the heat it's the kind of place that's best to get in early, see a bit, take a rest and go back again.

The Park has various endangered plant and animal species, for some of which it undertakes breeding programmes. It also farms mushrooms, orchids and fish (in tanks) some of which are used in the Resort. There's a flamingo pen and on the seafront two areas where you can swim with dolphins. There's a turtle breeding programme, though to Nicole's distress we missed feeding time. Some manatees were transferred to the Park from Tabasco State where they were in danger of being wiped out from pollution.

Here's a view from the short river loop which you can take on a viewing raft.

The jaguar pen, which has a jaguar, a panther and a puma in residence.

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