Tuesday, April 04, 2006

On the run Republican receives no amnesty

Denis Donaldson, former Sinn Fein chief of administration at the Northern Ireland Assembly in Stormont, was found dead in Donegal with a gunshot wound to the head. He had been outed as a spy for the British and subsequently left Belfast. Unlike the Levee Breaks who was stunned by it, I found it all too depressingly easy to believe.

My initial reaction on reading it via Google News was "you stupid gowl" - if I was in his position I'd be expecting President Bliar to fly me to somewhere far far away, like the Falklands, or Ascension Island, or even Gibraltar (an unhealthy spot for Provos). But Donegal? Idiot. I also wonder if the Sunday World journo, Hugh Jordan, who tracked him to that cottage and identified it as being in the Glenties area, feels in any way uneasy - nah, fat chance.

The next time Grizzly Adams brings up amnesty for the killers of Jerry McCabe, Bertie should tell them the only release from their sentence they can have is the same one Donaldson got.
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