Saturday, April 01, 2006

Metropass Affinity Programme

Unlike Ireland, there isn't a tax benefit to a transit pass (although the Tories did promise one). Having a Toronto Metropass is not really of much use to people (like me) who mostly use the system 20 odd days a month going to work and back as it's more expensive than 40 tokens. However, there is now an alternative - the Metropass Affinity Programme. The principle is that you show your Metropass and you get a discount at supporting stores.

Sadly, this is yet another innovation, like the Spacing buttons and the Rider Efficiency Guide, that did not come from the TTC's tendered out PR/marketing operation - they're too busy making stupid posters. Moscoe claims they will listen but historically TTC staff don't want to know if it comes from the public.

If they did support it openly then more partners might get involved as opposed the rather limited list so far. It might be an idea for MAP to update their website too, since Olivia Chow hasn't been TTC vice-chairman since she resigned to run for the Federal seat well before Christmas.

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