Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stupid things that annoy me #1168

When I hear it on Dogfood FM, courtesy of my wife's morning listening preferences, I grind my teeth but put it down to the congenital idiocy it seems to require to be a Canadian morning radio host. But when I see it in the bloody Star, a paper that fancies itself as actual journalism, it really gets my goat.

In Canada today, at no time was it 01:02.03 4/5/06.
However, for 1/100th of a second, it was 01:02.03 05/04/06.

Wait a month, it will happen... bit of patience, eh? [For those computers say it's 4/5/06, your computer may be set to English (United States). Unless you are actually in the United States, you may want to fix that].

All that hoopla about the 21st century when it wasn't (01/01/2000) as opposed to when it was (01/01/2001) was bad enough, but now they're just taking the michael.
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