Monday, April 24, 2006

Harper you cretin, the dead are nothing to be ashamed of

It's so hard to try and see any tiny upside of this government. I try and I try but they really are the pits. I mean, is this what 13 years of opposition to the Liberals and their waste and their schemes gets you? "Five (and only five) priorities", a tax hike, no softwood lumber money, the environmental cuts, Emerson/Fortier, control freakery and now this?

I could understand the flag thing - during World Wars when Canada was losing hundreds of men a day the flag would been stuck at half-mast if the Liberals had their way, but this is different - the banning of the press from Trenton stinks of Bush image management after the media ban from Dover.

These soldiers died for Canada, not to be sneaked in the back door! Look at how Don Cherry shows the picture of each and every one on Coach's Corner. The indymedia types must be laughing their asses off - they call Canadian soldiers complicit in Bush's criminal schemes and our government bring them home in a manner which is less flag on the coffin and more "coat over the head of the accused on the way into court".

One of the first times I came over here was the funeral of the Princess Pats bombed by USAF Major Schmidt. I couldn't get over the ceremonies accorded to these soldiers, seeming so much more public that those of Irish forces killed on active duty and with Jean Chretien front and centre as his role as the head of democratic government which must direct the Canadian Forces.

The sight of these soldiers arriving home should strengthen the resolve of bring some order to Afghanistan, not weaken it, because to leave now will not bring them back and will not make Afghanistan a better place. Unfortunately this weakening in the face of casualties has been deemed the only outcome by the political-media bubble in Ottawa and thus their sacrifice will now be buried along with their bodies. This was not Harper's conflict, it was Martin's, but when Harper brought down Martin's government he made it his.

(hat tip: Galloping Beaver)
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