Sunday, April 02, 2006

More signs the Tories haven't got a clue

They're chopping the funds for the One Tonne Challenge. The same Challenge fronted by Rick Mercer with ads that people might have actually watched and taken in rather than reacting with reflexive remote jabbing. The one guy apart from Don Cherry anyone watches on CBC. If Mercer doesn't have a cut off Harper for this (possibly with one of his ads) I'll be very surprised - bet he feels bad after praising Harper's Kandahar speech last week.

Is OTC money being misspent - almost certainly. Then again, when isn't government money misspent? I do agree with one Globe commenter who pointed out that when Canada is pumping sewage into watercourses, something the EU has been cracking down hard on Ireland for, having a single windmill on the Toronto waterfront makes us feel better even when the beaches underneath it aren't safe to swim in - something OTC money does little for.

Regardless of the merits, these stealthy throttlings merely reinforce the perception of Tories as having an agenda which is not transparent. If the OTC isn't working, they could have been upfront with a policy plan to replace it before implementing cuts, but it's so much easier to have officials cut off funding at minimal notice in the guise of "review" than do something positive, especially if that funding was, say, reducing GST rather than being redirected to environmental concerns.
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