Monday, April 24, 2006


Dunner is celebrating the Liverpool victory which takes them to the FA Cup final. The Scouse horde in the final always brings me back to fond memories of white suits and Eric the King.

Old Trafford is not celebrating, and not just because United won't have a chance to Scousebust them this year (the plastic Cup doesn't count, obviously), but because of the damage caused in the ground during the semi-final against ChelsKGB. Toilets smashed, graffiti mocking the tragedy of Munich only days after the usual remembrance of Hillsborough and 24 arrests.

To move back to this side of the Atlantic - I agree wholeheartedly with Dunner's take on the media reaction to the Quinn sacking.


dunner said...

Disgraceful pictures they are and as you pointed out so close to the Hillsborough anniversary aswell.

The game I love has always been shamed by people who support every team and it will continue to do so.

Every club has its morons who follow them and the sooner clubs come together to help each other get rid of them the better.

Mark Dowling said...

very true dunner.