Sunday, June 03, 2007

Why did David Miller not meet Arnold Schwarzenegger?

During his recent trip to Canada, the Governator met with Stephen Harper (the Kyotoevader), Dalton McGuinty, who broke his pledge to close coal-fired power in Ontario, and Gordon Campbell, whose province is planning new coal plants despite objections from his neighbours in the state of Washington.

Yet while in Toronto he did not meet with our Mayor, David Miller, the greenest broom wielder in Canada. I for one would love to know why. Could it be that word has got around about Hizzoner's deserted presentation in New York, in contrast to Ken Livingstone's packed house?

While Schwarzenegger promotes his Hydrogen Highway, Miller is promoting the idea of plug-in cars, which is a curious idea from a Mayor who believes we don't need new power plants or power lines. Even restricting use to off peak will require specialised infrastructure to ensure people don't plug in their cars in day time because they really really really need to make that trip to Walmart. Like the heavily electricity-dependent Transit City proposal, it's time for the Mayor to tell us where future electricity is going to come from in forms he's willing to accept.
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