Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How many times do Irish Rail/CIE need the term "adverse possession" explained to them?

To any CIE types reading, here's a primer.  God knows after various past fiascos one would have thought you'd have taken notice, but here we are, back in court.
Mr Dunne (54), of Rowlagh Avenue, Clondalkin, Dublin, told the court yesterday that he had found the lands "wild" in June 1977 ànd had placed his horses there after erecting fences, poles and wire.

Over subsequent years, he built stables for the horses and stored hay and feed. He said the local children called him "Dinty" and described the land involved as "Dinty's field".
There have been various dark mutterings on message boards about possible encroachments on the Claremorris-Collooney railway line - maybe that's why the new government has declined to commit to its construction?
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