Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blair's broadside at the press

makes for a very interesting read, not least for the admissions respecting spin. I was surprised that the Independent came in for such stick but I lived in the UK during a time when one wondered if the Independent would be around next month so things have obviously improved.

I also like Paul Wells' take - hat tip to him as his blog was the first place I noticed this story.
With 15 days to go before the press gallery can't tear any more strips off him, Tony Blair takes a great big strip off the gallery. The word "harlot" makes an appearance.

UPDATE: You'll be shocked to know the speech didn't go over well. The tale of the tape:

BLAIR: I'm not complaining.
TELEGRAPH: We're not defensive.
INDEPENDENT: We're not sanctimonious.
GUARDIAN: We're not as bad as the other guys.
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