Saturday, June 30, 2007

The three-ply no-fly lists in Canada bag a couple of kids

The CBC reports that two kids with the same name, Alistair Butt, have been held for security screening when attempting to fly via Air Canada by a no-fly list but it's not clear if it is the Canadian, American or the Air Canada list. The kid from Ontario is 15 and the one from Saskatchewan is 10. Hopefully the latter kid is related to Brent Butt as since Harper got his guest spot on Corner Gas it would be nice to see him repaid for it with a sharp commentary from the Prairies.

Transport Canada, predictably, were damn all use:
Allan Kagedan (...) advised the Butt families to appeal to the organizations operating all three lists.

"You can approach all three, I suppose, and they can guide you in terms of doing what's needed to try to avoid problems in the future," he said.

He would not confirm which list contains the Alistair Butt name.
I suppose the first place to start would be to try WestJet - that would eliminate one.

The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix (hat tip Creekside via the CBC blog list) hears from another TC flack:
Julia Ukrintz would not comment on the case, but she reiterated the point that Canada's "no-fly" list was not in effect until after the family travelled. And she said a traveler is flagged only when the name, birthdate and gender are identical to those on the Canadian list.
That seems to indicate that it may in fact have been the American list or the AC list if we are to assume that the Canadian government doesn't screw up...

No-fly lists should be limited to persons convicted or wanted for crimes such that a person would not be refused flight so much as arrested and charged. The lists should able to be queried by members of the public through their local police to check they aren't on it and there should be an expeditious way to contest the listing.
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