Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Apple Safari for Windows Beta 3

Apple OS X's bundled Safari web browser, which has its origins in the Konqueror project, has had Beta 3 of the 3.0 version posted at www.apple.com/safari. Testing it so far has been reasonably pleasing, not least seeing its faithful rendering of Acid2 (which in production releases is only matched by Konqueror 3.5, Opera 9 and their derivatives), and fans of iTunes will like the similar interface.

The installation is snappy too - about 30 seconds or less for the browser only. However, it is definitely not to be relied on as a primary browser - the Preference for checking before closing a multi-tab window has no effect as I found to my cost.

Having four browsers on the one PC is a bit much (IE7, Firefox 2, Seamonkey 1.1 and now Safari 3.0b3) but it makes for interesting comparison. Hopefully the addition of Safari, which may attract many curious users not tempted by Firefox, will press Microsoft through the erosion of even more Internet Explorer market share to improve CSS fidelity in IE 7. That would make many people trying to maintain CSS on multiple browsers (such as myself through DominoWiki) very happy.
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