Friday, June 15, 2007

LA Dodgers eject Canadian flag wavers

I meant to blog about this when I saw it on Torontoist a few days ago but am catching up now.  A Blue Jays fan waves a Maple Leaf at Dodger Stadium and gets hassled.  Various Canadian expats get stroppy with the rent-a-goon.  

Apparently being cosy with the Governator, bolthole for their soldiers and the largest source of their oil imports still gets the Canadian flag classified as "a sign or a banner", as a Dodger VP (one of a hundred, no doubt) tries to justify it.  A couple of fans were chucked out and a few others left in solidarity.

Apparently the US flag is also banned - a clear case of justifying a stupid policy with a stupider (and puzzling given the mawkish wrapping in the flag American sports teams do so frequently).  

I'm all for restrictions at certain times and places - like Belfast Giants hockey team banning flags and especially Celtic and Rangers jerseys, but this was very irritating when Canada puts up a bunch of securocratic crap from the US - no fly lists and so on - and are putting their sons and daughters on the line in Afghanistan (as the rent-a-goon was reminded).  There's a border between us, not a damn Peace Line.
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