Thursday, June 14, 2007

Safari - bugs in 24 hours, bug fixes in 48

So no sooner had Safari for Windows hit the net than some bugs made an appearance. So Apple fixed them - 24 hours later.

Obviously I'm not sure 9.9Mb was required but I suspect this was another Apple bandwidth wasting full install.   (By the way why is it necessary to offer Quicktime with seemingly everything you download from the main Apple web site?  Isn't the iTunes bundle enough bloat?)

Reading Planet Mozilla I couldn't help but feel there was a bit of bile towards Safari - no grown up "room for all of us in the market" sentiments they used to urge on IE devotees. They also were concerned about reportage that Safari was a better renderer and launched rebuttals.

But then I saw this post and started to understand. Steve Jobs is hunting Gecko, so the Mozilla community, thinking they had an ally, now realise they have an enemy. This is pretty juvenile on both sides. The enemy should be IE and their crap CSS support and their awful ActiveX.

The IEBlog has nothing to say about Safari - they were too busy with other things on Tuesday.

For me, I find Safari's rendering to be quick but where it really scores is Bloglines - I don't know how it does it but it is really easy to read in Safari. This might be because I have been reading on CRTs rather than LCDs so far. Joel Spolsky compares Apple and Microsoft fonts to "Target vs Wal-Mart". (hat-tip)

Its cute dropdowns and buttons almost make the TTC website look like something not designed by daycare infants. If only Lotus Notes 8 was going to WebKit and not IE for rendering html. That said, its selection of text leaves something to be desired, even on beta3.0.1, and some websites don't render anything for a long time.

Meanwhile, Apple passed 1 million Safari downloads in the first 48 hours - for a beta. Yikes.
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