Thursday, June 28, 2007

CBC's The National airs shocking expose on political pandering to violent separatists

A week after the unveiling of the Air India 182 memorial in Etobicoke, tonight's National featured a piece by Terry Milewski (text summary here) on the involvement of NDP, Liberal and Tory politicians with Sikh parades in BC and Ontario. Some participants and floats in the parade glorified members of various banned organisations which seek the secession of "Khalistan" from the Punjab area of India and Pakistan such as Babbar Khalsa, and International Sikh Youth Federation.

In the case of the Surrey parade, both of the acquitted in the Air India Trial present - and the Premier of British Columbia. The Liberal, Tory and NDP MPs challenged on their presence issued supportive statements but later flip flopped - as did the Premier.

Some of the "martyrs" were linked to the mass murder of those aboard Air India 182 near Akahista (which had a huge impact in Cork then and still reverberates today) and the killing of Indira Gandhi - an incident celebrated in a Toronto area Sikh publication linked to the World Sikh Organisation. Among those interviewed for the piece were Tarek Fatah, who had by then left the Muslim Congress and was a Rae organiser and Ujjal Dosanjh, the latter having been severely beaten in 1985 for speaking out against Sikh extremists.

Of the three parties, the Liberals seem to have more questions to answer. The allegations of Sikh block voting against Bob Rae for his report on Air India 182 and in favour of Gerard Kennedy and Stephane Dion were also brought up again. Meanwhile Dalton McGuinty's government has handed out 750,000 dollars to temples with either links to banned organisations or which have been accused of financial mismanagement as part of his handouts to various religious organisations. The sunset of temporary provisions in the Anti Terrorism Act which would have allowed further RCMP investigations, opposition to which was spearheaded by the Liberals, was also mentioned.

Of the four major parties it is ironic that the Quebec separatists are the only ones who do not have serious questions to answer - whether that is because Sikhs primarily settled in Ontario and BC may or may not be the reason for this.
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