Saturday, December 02, 2006

TTC told clean up its act on bathrooms

This was in yesterday's Post and I agree with every word. A policy of making it more obvious where the bathrooms are in each station, as well as not leaving a gap of, say, 5 stations without a bathroom would be good too. At present the policy as I understand it is to have toilets at terminal stations like Finch and junction stations like Bloor - although the last time I needed it damned if I could find the Bloor one. Some more public bathrooms in other parts of the city would be nice too.
Friday, December 01, 2006

Dear Mr. Moscoe,

I am a Thornhill resident and TTC commuter. On behalf of bathroom-using women from all over the GTA, I am now going to give you an earful about the TTC washrooms.

I would like to ask why the TTC bathrooms are so revolting.

Have you been in any of the TTC bathrooms recently? I am familiar with the bathrooms at Finch Station, Eglinton Station and Bloor Station. They are always dirty and smelly, and appear not to have been renovated since the subway was built. They are dank with poor ventilation. There is rarely toilet paper or soap available and some bathrooms are even closed in non-peak hours.

I have complained to the TTC previously, but have had no response. It's incredible that the TTC offers you the chance to complain in five bazillion languages (see TTC posters on the subway) but when you do, they never respond!

My plan is actually to write another e-mail to the TTC, copy the local press and Home Depot. I'd like to suggest that Home Depot renovate the cash-starved TTC bathrooms in exchange for great publicity.

Frankly, I've used cleaner bathrooms in the middle of the Negev desert than on the TTC.

Sorry I don't have digital pictures to send to you. I'd love to hear back from you about this issue. It's simply a disgrace. For the number of commuters using the system, the ratio of bathrooms (and I can only speak for the women's bathrooms) seems insane. I have to put up with the delays, the "signal problems" and unintelligible garble over the PA system, but at least -- for the love of humanity -- the miserable TTC could have clean bathrooms.

Thanks very much,
Laura Rosen Cohen

P.S. In the redesign, please consider that some members of the population actually travel on the TTC with children. ONE changing station somewhere in the bathroom would be very progressive of the TTC to install.
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