Saturday, December 23, 2006

Battlestar on the move

I wondered why Space was moving BSG to Sundays at 10pm for the second half of the season but it seems SciFi in the US are moving it from Fridays to Sundays at 10 and god forbid we'd see it first. It's rare that that happens - a day head start with the CTV viewing of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is the only one I can think of lately which might speak more to NBC's desperation to sell the show. Admittedly the existing BSG slot did suck as it clashed with Hockey Night in Canada but that was a problem solved by our new gadget.

I'm interested by the slight difference in promotion of Season 3 - the Canadian/US ads tend to accentuate the romance and action bits teamed with music by Nickelback (season 3 premiere) and All-American Rejects (season second half promo) but I've just seen the Sky One promo for the UK Season 3 premiere on the 9th which pushes the political - you would barely notice the sci-fi bits until the basestars show up in the final frames - emphasising the comparison with the situation the UK is encountering in Iraq and Afghanistan pretty blatantly.

For me the score is a big part of many of the shows I like - I found Richard Gibbs music in the pilot miniseries jerky and discordant (like the camera work) but when Bear McCreary took over as lead composer for the TV series his work late in season 1 made me a regular watcher. I find it an integral part of the experience as Mark Snow's scores were in the X-Files and Millennium and perhaps for the same reason - that they can accommodate both the serious and the whimsical.

One last thing - the casting for this show is so bloody good, especially some of the second tier characters played by Dean Stockwell, Lucy Lawless, Aaron Douglas and Tahmoh Penikett and unexpectedly Richard Hatch although the extra pounds he's gained since 1978 avoids confusion with his "classic series" role.

As for Season 3 - I hope there is no "season 3.0 and season 3.5" dvds this time. That's a money grab on the scale of the Lord of the Rings standard and premium disks having different extras to get you to buy both.
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