Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Toronto Star and the meaning of Chri... I mean "the holiday season"

This is the time of year when the Toronto Star prides itself on highlighting the plight of vulnerable people, the homeless and so on. It runs a Santa Claus fund. It even tells the story of 85 staff of various parts of a major media company canned just before the Chri... I mean "holiday season". No wait, that wasn't the Star that reported it, it was the CBC. The Star ran a Canadian Press piece with a headline in teeny type on the business page. One can't help but feel 85 jobs gone at the Post would have given rise to a special from Antonia Zerbisias.

According to comments on a Torontoist post Torstar are supposedly giving NASCAR branded blenders to the ejectees. Sounds like a re-gift eh?

Never mind, the website's been redesigned. Ooh, shiny!
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