Sunday, December 17, 2006

Excellent transit map

I came across this google mashup via various blogs including Torontoist.

The map includes York Region's VIVA, TTC routes and GO Transit routes. This is just another example of the community stepping in where the TTC and other transit agencies fail to provide, such as the Subway Rider Efficiency Guide or the Subway Buttons. Sometimes this participation comes at risk from snarls from the Commission's legal rottweilers.

No sign of Google Transit for Toronto yet despite the TTC discussing it in March. The GTTA will probably spend a billion dollars on consultants and tenders to produce the same thing, as they are bound to with the Smart Card project.

UPDATE: Spacing has a post on this, the comments of which include a link to a Toronto Star article which seems to indicate the TTC will not proceed with Google Transit before developing its own solution first. Figures - TTC "made in Toronto" is all too frequently like Tory "made in Canada" environment policy - reinventing the wheel, badly. The article also links to Mississauga's popular trip planner.

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